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Frequently Asked Questions & Frequently Cited Issues

“Condensing boilers are too complex. They are hard to set up and troubleshoot.”
  • Quick start guides
  • Out-of-box boiler and control performance
  • Functional testing on 100% of boilers shipped.
“Despite turndown, Low water volume condensing boilers still cycle too much.”
  • 10:1 Turndown
  • Sage Zone Control supports “Heat Matching” of boiler firing rates to zone sizes.
  • Adjustment-Low Fire hold

“What do you allow?”

  • Most USB condensing boilers have universal vent connectors that accept all.
“How do your boilers save time on this?”
  • Intuitive touch screen boiler control provides adjustments and guidance in plain language.
  • Easy quick-start guides to combustion analysis.
“Do you sell these?”
  • Yes – we offer a selection of combi boilers.
“How do we reduce labor on this?”
  • FastPipe read-made Primary/Secondary piping for K2WT Heating boilers.
“Condensing boilers do not last long. How long will yours last?”
  • U.S. Boiler uses the most reliable and popular stainless steel HXs in the world and name-brand major components. U.S. Boiler estimates that its boilers will longer than its various warranties if they are properly maintained.
“How can you reduce wiring time?”
  • Separate high and low voltage connection boards.
  • Pre-wired LWCO connection on wire harnesses.
  • Fuses and spares.
  • Cat5 cable included with Sage Zone Controls.
“How can you reduce plumbing time?”
  • FastPipe read made primary/secondary piping
  • Top and bottom piping on Aspen residential boilers.
“Which SKUs should distributors stock to satisfy more customers?”
  • USB Aspen, K2 and Alpine boilers serve both with the same SKUs. Low cost floor legs required on some models.
“Which is better?”
  • USB sells and supports both. FireTube – Has more water volume that heats slower; Lower pressure drop requires less pump. WaterTube- Heats fast for combis; higher pressure drop requires a larger pump, but may clear out scale; Easy preventative maintenance.
“Do your boilers qualify for rebates?”
  • USB sells models that qualify for different rebate levels.
“Most condensing boilers are the same so I buy on price.”
  • Customers save on purchase price when accurately crossing competitive boilers to USB equivalents.
“Service and repair parts must be immediately available.”
  • USB and its distributor partners stock and provide sensible repair and maintenance service parts separately or in service.
“I buy based on product training experience and support.”
  • USB trains contractors on the road or at the USB factory… Fun also included!
“What is your warranty?”
  • 5 year parts / 12 year limited on HX (residential condensing boilers).

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